1.) What’s the Disney College Program?

The Disney College program (DCP) is an opportunity for college¬†students to live and work at Disneyland Resort in California OR Walt Disney World is Florida. Participants work in the parks and resorts, hotels and shops owned by Disney in roles of any kind; waitress, tunnel castlePrince Eric, Rapunzel, custodial, housekeeping ¬†etc. At both programs, classes are offered through the ‘Disney University’ and can be taken for academic credit or just as a fun way to learn more about Walt Disney and the Walt Disney company, I am doing the latter.


Every position in the program is payed and offers housing for participants (or DCPers) the cost of which will be removed from the DCPers paycheck each week. Housing is not a requirement, participants are welcome to live outside the housing.

  • The cost of the average apartment complex per week is $108.
  • The average pay per job at Disney for a DCPer is $10 an hour.
  • The average work week is 45-65 hours per participant.
  • Classes are either $15-$30 each or FREE for the shorter 4-week classes
  • FREE transportation is offered from the apartment complexes to work locations for all program participants though it is advised to bring your own car.